Different Types of Houston Car Accidents

Every year in the United States, car accidents are responsible for hundreds of thousands of injuries and tens of thousands of deaths. If you are left injured after an accident or lost a loved one in a car crash in Houston or elsewhere in Texas, you may, understandably, be considering your legal options. Most essential to mounting a strong claim for compensation is understanding the details of your accident.

Common types of car accidents

Car accidents may occur in any environment and may involve any number of vehicles and/or any type of impact. The following types of car accidents are the most common:

  • Rear-ending – Rear-end accidents occur during heavy traffic due to its stop-and-go nature, or as a result of following too close or distraction. Rear-ending may also occur due to slippery road conditions or brake failure.
  • Head-on crashes – When a head-on crash occurs between two vehicles, it’s often at high speeds, due to wrong-way driving or failure to interpret a sign properly.
  • Side impact – A side impact typically involves a collision between at least two vehicles, often when at least one is turning or in an intersection. One vehicle may sustain damage to its side while the other sustains damage to its front. Some side-impacts are known as T-bones because of the T shape the two colliding vehicles make.
  • Low-speed accidents – These are accidents that tend to occur in parking lots, and may not involve severe injuries, but could still cause significant damage to vehicles.
  • Merging accidents – Merging accidents occur when vehicles merge into one another, typically while entering or already on a highway.  
  • Single-vehicle accidents – Collisions involving one car and a fixed object such as a parking meter, tree, or fire hydrant.
  • Multi-vehicle crashes – Crashes involving multiple motor vehicles and often complex sets of circumstances for each collision that takes place. Sometimes a single event or circumstance causes one accident but creates a domino effect where vehicle after vehicle that approaches the wreck also collides with it.

Common causes of car accidents

Most automobile accident causes fall into one of the following three categories:

  • Driver-related causes – Crashes that occur due to driver action, inaction, negligence, or recklessness
  • Vehicle-related causes – Accidents that occur because a vehicle or vehicle part malfunctions, fails, or is not used properly
  • Environmental causes – Collisions that result from dangerous roadways (icy, full of trash/debris, poorly lit, etc.), weather, or other hazardous conditions

Often, many factors play a role in why a car accident occurs. Many people make the mistake of thinking they know the entire cause of their crash and fail to consult a Houston car accident attorney, never learning the extent of what happened, and thereby missing out on compensation they would have otherwise been able to collect.

Obtain invaluable legal support from a knowledgeable Houston car accident lawyer

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