Statute of Limitations and Other Car Accident Laws in Texas

As you consider your legal options after suffering an injury in a car accident in Texas, remember that the process of filing a claim for compensation may feel complex and even intimidating, especially without the right representation. Only a qualified Houston car accident lawyer can properly advise you as to whether you have a case.

Regardless, it’s important to understand the legal parameters you might face, as well as the other relevant Texas laws that could apply to your claim.

You have limited time in which to file

According to the Texas statute of limitations on car accident claims, you have two years in which to file an injury lawsuit after your crash—this may seem like plenty of time, but you must be vigilant of that deadline because if you miss the date, you relinquish your rights to pursue a case. Furthermore, sometimes preliminary stages of the investigation can take time just to determine how strong your claim really is. The earlier you act, the fresher the crash and your injuries will be in your mind. In fact, immediately following your accident, you should begin collecting information such as photographs, eyewitness accounts, and any other data that could support your eventual case.

Comparative fault in Texas

Texas is one of many states that operates on the comparative fault model when determining compensation. For your purposes, this means that before you can collect compensation from your car accident, your case will be thoroughly evaluated, typically by a jury who will determine which party or parties involved are at fault. If fault is shared, each party responsible will be assigned a percentage of fault. This might affect the total amount of compensation you can obtain and/or from whom you can collect.

Compensation and other damages considered in Texas

Texas considers a wide range of costs to-date and predicted future financial burdens that may result from your car accident. Depending on the details of your automobile crash and resulting injuries, you may seek any of the following types of coverage and considerations:

  • Medical treatment costs
  • Hospital/doctor visit copays/costs
  • Vehicle and/or property repairs
  • Additional financial losses
  • Physical and/or emotional pain and suffering
  • Future expenses for necessary medical care (surgeries, rehabilitation, equipment, etc.)
  • Coverage of past and future lost income
  • Permanent disability (if applicable)

Contact a reputable Houston auto accident lawyer for help initiating a claim

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