Four Reasons Truck Accidents Happen in Houston

Truck accidents in Houston and throughout Texas are regularly associated with high rates of personal injury and fatality, especially compared to car accidents. Unfortunately, a lot more could go wrong with a large truck and its operation than with a car. Indeed, trucks are complicated vehicles that require extensive training and a commercial driver’s license in order to operate legally. And even when a driver is properly trained and operates the vehicle responsibly, other factors out of his or her hands could easily end up leading to a crash.

What causes truck crashes?

Consider the following four common reasons trucking accidents occur:

  • Weather – Weather or anything that affects road conditions can be an enormous factor in causing truck crashes. Obviously, snow and ice can make roads treacherous, but we don’t see much winter weather in Houston. Still, rain, fog, excessive dust, winds, and debris from weather present their own legitimate hazards which can lead to accidents—especially on roads that are poorly lit.

  • Fatigued driver – Professional truck drivers must adhere to strict rules regarding rest and work time. Unfortunately, often due to pressure from employers or a desire to “make good time” or reach their destinations, truckers may be compelled to ignore mandates to rest or even falsify records, so they are seemingly cleared to continue driving. All are dangerous practices and could result in a truck driver’s slowed reaction times, lack of concentration, or even falling asleep behind the wheel.

  • Vehicle condition – So many things could go wrong on a truck or with one of its parts. Truck drivers are responsible for keeping track of the condition of their rigs and for performing regular safety checks before making a trip. Likewise, trucking companies are responsible for putting a safe, properly-maintained fleet of vehicles on the road. And even with proper maintenance, a defective vehicle component such as a brake system, hitch, tire, or another part could malfunction and render the truck impossible to control.

  • Driver error – Not all trucking accidents are the fault of the truck driver. Passenger car drivers may be to blame if they linger in the blind spots and no-zones of a truck or if they behave in any other way that could typically cause a car accident, such as driving drunk, recklessly, or defying posted traffic laws.

Consult a skilled lawyer if you’ve been injured in a Houston truck accident

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